mail2Post: How to update your blog by email, instead of using Blogger

Blogger’s mail2Post tool allows authors to create blog posts without using the Blogger software. All you have to do is set it up, and write posts using your regular email tools. Mail2Post and Blogger The mail2Post feature, sometimes known as Post-to-profile, is a way to put content on your blog without using the full Blogger … Read more

Show your oldest blog post first – and the rest in reverse order.

Blogger doesn’t have an option to display your posts in reverse order – so that the oldest post is first, and the most recent post is last. But this article describes displaying your posts this way by manipulating their post dates. And links to an article about some other possible options. First I discussed the … Read more

Get the HTML code to put a photo in the sidebar, header or footer of your blog

This article explains how to use the Blogger Post Editor to get the HTML code you need to put a photo in your sidebar (or header or footer, or anywhere else a gadget can go). U Printing gadgets is the normal tool for add a photo to your blog sidebar. But sometimes you want more … Read more

Align the first post and the sidebar

In some Blogger themes, there is a large gap between the bottom of the header and the beginning of the first post, which means that the posts and the sidebar are not aligned. This article explains how to adjust the gap, and thus remove the problem. In the themes that Blogger provideslike all third-party themes, … Read more

How to rename picture files in Picasa-desktop

This article is about renaming files from Picasa-desktop, to provide SEO benefits for your blog. of Picasa desktop software is a good tool for organizing and editing photos on your local computer. And it’s still available for you to use on your computer, even though Picasa-web-albums has been replaced by Google Albums + Google Album … Read more

Put a badge for a Facebook Page on your Blog

This article describes how to make a Facebook badge to promote your page, and put it on your blog. What is a Facebook page This article is about how to make a badge to promote a Facebook Page. This is an example of “follow me” approach to link your blog and social networksalthough for Facebook … Read more

Save a post if Blogger’s Publish button isn’t working

This article is about how you can save a post even if the Blogger Publish button does not allow you to save your work. Imagine you have been working on a Blogger post for several hours. It’s finally ready: you have the wording exactly right, everything is formatted with bold, italics and bullet-points, your pictures … Read more

How to not show any posts on your blog page, using Blogger

You can configure your blog so that no publication is shown on the main screen – as long as you have used some of the other “home page” approaches to give readers other ways to reach your content. First I explained how to do it it only shows one post on the main page of … Read more