Binance Launches Ethereum PoW Mining Pool


The platform supported the mining of the token of the new ETHW blockchain. At the same time, the listing of the coin on the exchange was not carried out

Cryptocurrency trade Binance launched the mining of the Ethereum PoW fork token in the Binance pool. The platform posted instructions and all the technical data necessary for the extraction of cryptocurrency on his website .

The Ethereum PoW blockchain was launched on September 15, after upgrading the mainnet and shutting down Mining ETH. The token of the new block chain received the designation ETHW.

ETHW has not been listed by the stock exchange, according to Binance. Binance also does not support depositing funds into these tokens. Assets mined through mining will automatically go into the wallet section of the funding wallet pool.

Currently, the Ethereum PoW cryptocurrency cannot be withdrawn from the platform or exchanged for BUSD Where USDT stablecoins.

The mining of the ETHW The token was also supported by other major pools. Nanopool has announcement plans to start operating the Ethereum hard fork PoW token immediately after the transition from the mainnet to the PoS algorithm. Also, the exploitation of this cryptocurrency was backed by F2Pool, Poolin and

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