How to not show any posts on your blog page, using Blogger

You can configure your blog so that no publication is shown on the main screen – as long as you have used some of the other “home page” approaches to give readers other ways to reach your content. First I explained how to do it it only shows one post on the main page of … Read more

Place the files in the root folder of Blogger

This article explains the problems, and options, for placing a file in the “root directory” of your Blogger blog. If you use some non-Google products to enhance your Blog, sometimes they will tell you put a file in your root directory. They may also tell you to use an FTP tool to do this. Sometimes … Read more

How to put posts on pages in WordPress – without using a plug-in

This article shows how to configure your blog made with WordPress so that (it seems) your posts are on separate web pages, without the need to install any plugins. (For this task, the answers for and are so very similar that they have been combined in one article). WordPress, like most blogging platforms, … Read more