Since the beginning of October, hackers have stolen $718 million in cryptocurrency

October was the most “profitable” month for hackers in 2022, despite the fact that it has not ended yet The Pirates stole $718 million from cryptocurrency since early October, according to Chainanalysis, an analytics platform. October has already become the most “profitable” for attackers in 2022, despite the fact that only 13 days have passed … Read more

12.1k cryptocurrencies stopped trading this year

  The study shows that in 2022, twice as many digital tokens ceased to be traded than in all previous years combined. Technically the coins exist, but they are inactive 12.1 thousand cryptocurrencies have turned into “zombies”, i.e. they have not been traded for at least a month, Bloomberg reports citing a study from Nomics. … Read more

McDonald’s restaurant in Switzerland has started accepting payment in cryptocurrency

A fast food chain is conducting an experiment in a European city of 63,000 people. You can also pay with USDT stablecoin A McDonald’s restaurant in the Swiss city of Lugano has started accepting cryptocurrencies. The video about ordering to the institution on his Twitter was published by Bitcoin Magazine. The set up accept bitcoins … Read more