Copy all posts from one blog to another


To copy all Posts from one blog to another, you need to export from the first blog, and import the file that was created in the second file.

If you totally want to to replace the contents of the destination blog with the content of the source blog, then you have to delete the existing posts from the destination blog before importing the file. (NB Delete posts by going to the Posting / Edit Posts screen, and pressing the Delete button next to the post. Don’t delete the whole blogor you will lose access to the URL).

Follow these steps to copy all posts from one blog to another

1 Login to Blogger.

2 Go to the export tab from the Settings tab, and look in the Manage the Blog section

3 Click on Save the content.

4 Your computer will download a file. For Windows users, it will probably be placed in the My Documents / Downloads folder. Either your system may use another location, or it may ask you where to put it. Whatever happens, you will have to know where this file is saved.

5 open the blog you want to move posts to
(You may need to log out and in again, or maybe just switch to a different browser or tab)

5 Wipe out (using Posting / Edit Posts) any Post that is already there, but that you do not want in the refreshed blog.

6 Go to the Settings tab, and look in the Manage the Blog section. Click on Import content.


7 Choose or not publish automatically all posts imported.
Check the box only if you want the posts to be imported automatically. If you don’t check it, the posts will be uploaded, but with a Draft status, so they won’t be visible to readers until you publish them.

10 If you choose not to automatically publish posts, then you need to work for them and publish them (or not as appropriate. To do this, click on the button). Manage the link in the Dashboard > Posts screenselect one or more places and then use the publication icon to make it live, or delete one to remove it from your blog:





IMG redCowRoadworks4586All posts and pages from the source blog will be copied to the destination blog.

Many of the post features it will be the same as in the original blog. This includes:

  • title
  • post content
  • date and time published
  • label(s)
  • post author.


The pages do not have a post-date, so they all have a creation date set to the import date, and will be at the top of the list in the Pages tab in your Blogger-dashboard.


Any comments from the source blog will also be copied – sometimes it lasts a few hours for the links to them to be properly restored.

The URL for each post will be based on the URL of the blog in which you imported it and the date of publication that the posts had in the source blog – for example: /2009/05/name-based-on-post-title.html

All statistics will be lost: the post-count of your posts will be zero.


Any internal links in the blog always point to the post in the old blog

For instance this link points to a popular article on Blogger-HAT.

If I export and import this post into a new blog, the link still points to the same place, ie the post in Blogger-HAT – not the post in the new blog.


Every photo, video etc in the old blog will always be in the same place they were in (Picasa-web-albums, YouTube, Google Videos etc).

If you have imported more than the number of posts that Blogger allows per day (currently 50 I think) so to make more posts today you need complete the captcha-test (ie inserting the letters in the word in a fun way). This will disappear approximately 24 hours after the last entry over the maximum number of posts per day.

Import to the same blog

If you try to import the posts into the same blog you exported them from, Blogger will not import any posts, and will give you an error message.

If you want to do this (for example, to create a duplicate set of posts), do the export, change a little detail of the title or date / time of the original posts (you have to do each one individually), and then. do the import

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