How to change the settings of the AddThis Follow button for a gadget on a blog or website

This article shows how to change the featured accounts in an AddThis Follow gadget that is already installed on a WordPress-based website..

(Note: this is only relevant for users. users do not have the same freedom to add or configure plug-ins.)

AddThis plug-in for WordPress provides many functions. One is a Follow gadget, which allows you to offer links to your account on other platforms (for example on Twitter, Facebook and Instragram), so that people who are interested can subscribe to you there, and get updates from you even if they don’t. visit your blog or website regularly).

When you install and activate this plugin, there is a screen where you can choose which other platforms to display, and say which is your address on these platforms.

After installing the plug-in, then add the AddThis Follow widget to your site, This gadget shows an icon for each tool you have chosen, and each link to the account you have provided. How exactly it looks depends on the options you choose, but one possibility (Horizontal Tracking) is as follows:

But – how to change these settings after the gadget has been added?

For most widgets, to change their settings is enough:
  • Choose Appearance > Widgets from the left menu
  • Find the widget in the list of those that have been installed
  • Click the down arrow next to the name to reveal the options.

And initially, AddThis-Follow looks very much the same. Instead of immediately giving detailed options, he says

That sounds fair enough – there were a lot of values ​​displayed on the page where you chose which social media platforms to include and how to connect with your blog.

Then click on the link, and you will be taken to a page – example below – that looks nothing like the one where you chose the services to display in the widget. Even when scrolling, nothing looks familiar, or even gives clues on how to update the linked social network accounts:

How to change the accounts offered by the AddThis Follow widget after it has been added

Don’t start with the Appearance > Widgets less voice.

In contrast:

  • Choose with Plugins > Installed Plugins
  • Find Follow Buttons from AddThis in the list.
  • Click Settings
  • In the list of gadgets that you see, next to the type of Follow button you used (horizontal or vertical), click Settings button [Yes, that is two Settings clicks in a row.]

This opens the familiar screen where you can choose social media services by clicking on their icon, and entering your name in that service in the field at the bottom of the page.

Job done!

You can now edit the social media accounts linked to your blog – either correct the errors in the original setup, or add new accounts that have been added since then.

What this means

Each AddThis widget (eg AddThis-Follow, AddThis-Inline, etc.) has the same settings every time it is used on your site. So, as long as your theme supports having gadgets in multiple places, you can have the Follow-Me gadget in multiple places (for example, in your sidebar and below your posts) – always the same and linking to the same social media accounts.

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