How to Earn Stock Money

Assalamu’alaikum Friends! I’m Bilal Saleem. By the Grace of Allah wish you all well and everything in your life will be fine. So, Friends as usual today I am here to share with you a new topic. I hope you all like it. And also I hope it will be very useful and informative for you. So friends today I will tell you How to Make Money from Stocks?

In this case, I will guide you briefly about the stock of money. First I will tell you what stock money is then I will briefly explain how we can put money in. Friends if you read the details given below carefully, I hope you can save some money. So friends without wasting any time let’s move on:

What is Stock Money?

Friends, first of all we have to know about the meaning of Stock. And the meaning of Stock is “to think about something”. And now what is Money Stock? Friends basically Stock Money is FINANCE, MONETARY RESOURCES, MONEY RESOURCES. Friends, that means if you run a small business but know you decided to expand your business from a small business to a large one. But you don’t have enough money to grow your business. Friends don’t worry I will tell you how you grow your business. Click Here to find out Crypto Day Trading


Friends as I stated above that if you run a small business but you want to grow it. All you have to do is register your business on the PAKISTAN STOCK EXCHANGE. The Pakistan stock exchange is an IPO (INITIAL PUBLIC OFFER).

In this case a normal person can buy your share for a certain amount and you will share a small portion of your business with the company. When you share a small part of your business with a company, you become a member of that company. And normal people also become part of your business. Now you think how??

How do normal people become part of your Stock Business?

Friends, it is very simple when ordinary people buy one share of you for example at 10. Rs. And in the future when your business will be in good condition then your business is wider and more demand of your business in the market. And then people want one share in 20. Rs. So normal people will also be a part of your business. Now I will discuss another method to save your money easily.


Friends for many people it is very difficult to invest in the stock market because they do not have the experience to invest. Friends, if we study the history of the market, the market has fallen many times, and many people have faced enormous losses in their business. So they are afraid to invest in the capital market.

But Friends I will tell you a very interesting and most useful method for you. And that is the CAN SLIM method. With this method, you will become a smart investor. And you will get more from your investment.

CAN SLIM Investasi Investment Method

“CAN SLIM is an investment system to choose the best stocks for your better profit.” CAN SLIM is a stock spread method and is a mix of technical and fundamental analysis. CAN SLIM Abbreviation of

C (Current Quarterly Earnings per share)

A (Annual Income)

N (New Product, Management)

S (Supply Demand)

L (Leader)

I (Institutional Sponsor)

M (Direct Market)

Friends who can use the CAN SLIM method can earn 12% more than those who don’t use the CAN SLIM method. Friends this is my little attempt to guide you on how to make money from stocks. I hope you will understand and like it. Friends if you want more informative posts that will help you, please Stay with me. Thank you

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