How to make a new blog post in the 2020 version of Blogger

This article shows you how to create a new blog post in the new Blogger editor (2020).

What is the new editor of Blogger

At the end of June [2020], the new Blogger interface will become the default for all users. The legacy interface will still be available as an option.

This is a good thing: the new Blogger solves a number of long-standing problems, adds some useful new tools, and gives the Blogger tools team to make more new features in the future.

But it does mean that people who already use Blogger need to catch up on some things – and the biggest changes are in the Post Editor.

This post will explain the first difference you will see.

You might be tempted not to use the new interface – but that would be a mistake. Now, it is optional, In June 2020, it will become the default and you can also return to the legacy (ie old) Blogger. Some time later, however, the legacy Blogger will be disabled. We don’t know when that is – but you can be sure that sooner or later, it will happen. So it’s a good idea to learn the new Blogger now, and report any issues you find while the engineers are still focused on solving them.

How to create a new post in Blogger

To make a new post, in a blog you have already created, in Blogger-2020:

2 If you’ve used Blogger before (or followed outdated instructions), you’ll be looking for an orange New post button somewhere near the top left corner of the screen. But there isn’t. In contrast:

  • If you have a smaller browser screen, for example, on a mobile device, search
    a large orange + button near the bottom right corner.

  • On a desktop device, look for a white button called New Post near the top of the left tab:

3 Click this New Post Button

4 Write your post content in the body section, and your post title in the title bar – like this:

5 Use the preview button to see what your post will look like. This is the button to the right of the Title, which looks like an eye.

6 When you are ready, click on I want to publish to make your post visible on your blog. This is the button to the right of the Title, which looks like two arrows (it can be called Publish if your screen is big enough).

7 You will be asked if you want to Publish (in case you clicked Publish by accident): Click on the word confirm to move forward.

8 Click on Come back arrow at the top left of the Blogger screen (next to the big-B) to return to the Blogger Dashboard.

Job done! You have now created a new post in the Blogger-2020 post editor.

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