How to not show any posts on your blog page, using Blogger

You can configure your blog so that no publication is shown on the main screen – as long as you have used some of the other “home page” approaches to give readers other ways to reach your content.

First I explained how to do it it only shows one post on the main page of your blog.

But some people want to give your blog a home page go further, and do not show posts on the main screen. (Remember, the main screen is where people who navigate to your blog, rather than the posts on it, go.)

It seems like an odd thing to do – after all, blogs are about posts.

But it’s actually okay, provided you use other tools to get readers moving around the blog. I made a blog of more than 150 pages this way, and it works very well because I organized the information and used some index pages (containing lists of bus routes, suburbs, maps, etc.) with tables which link to many other posts.

As you do not see (ie zero, 0) posts on the main screen

Some people want to do this as part of the process giving their blog a home page. It is not possible if your blog has a Dynamics thenbut it can be done for blogs with Layout themes.

There are at least two ways to do it.

Option 1 – use a custom redirect for your homepage

Make a new Page (Pages > New Page) and add the material you want to see on your main screen. Publish this page.

Take a Note the URL of the Page you use created.

Go to Settings > Search preferences > Errors and redirects > Custom redirects

Click Edit then New redirection

In the dialog box that opens:

  • Enter a backslash (ie / ) in the first box (From).

Click the Permanent checkbox.

Click save just below the entry you made – it now looks like this:

Click Save the changes.

Job done! Anyone who goes to your blog page will now automatically go to the alternative page you made – and the effect is that no post is shown on the home page.

Option 2 – use the Posts and Comments setting

Choose the Settings > Posts and Comments panel from the left sidebar.

Enter zero (0) in the Show at the most field

Click Save Settings in the upper right corner of the screen.

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