Removing background image from Blogger Journey theme header

This article explains how to remove the semi-transparent image that is displayed on the back of the travel theme (template) provided by Blogger.

I like the Blogger’s Travel template (now called a theme) – it’s clean, and allows me to control a lot of things.

But I don’t like the semi-transparent image that you can see under part of the blog header, the navigation bar and maybe the post header and body.

By itself, this image looks like this (I suspect it must represent a scrunched-up piece of travel journal paper of the like):

Below one of my blog headers is like this – see the slightly shaded area to the left of the red arrow:

Do you see the gray shadow? You can possibly ignore it – until you do something like show an ad unit with a real white background that really shows the difference. So it just looks scuffy.

I’m sure with some major template changes, it could be removed entirely – but luckily there’s an easier way that just involves replacing it with a transparent image of the same size. I think this is a good deal less likely to cause expected problems somewhere else in the model, so here’s what I do.

How to remove gray scrunched background from Blogger’s Travel theme

Make a new image file, the same size but transparent, to use instead of the current one.

You are welcome to use a copy of mine, which can be found at:

Upload this somewhere (I use Google Photos, other people use Imgur or similar)

Get the web address for your replacement image (this is how I get a picture URL from Photos)

Edit your Blogger theme in the usual way and to replace all cases of

with the URL of your own file.

Job done! Your blog will now display your transparent file (or whatever) instead of the ugly gray half-shadow image that is there by default.

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