Show a PowerPoint file on your blog

This article is about the options to display the content of a PowerPoint file in your blog.

First I described how to do it upload content from MS Word to your blog.

But some people have material in PowerPoint files (or other presentation software), which they want to see in their blog. So far, I have identified three options for doing this.

These approaches should work on any PowerPoint-formatted presentation, no matter what tool it was prepared in – unless of course it was Google Docs in which case go straight to option 2.

Option 1: Each slide as an image

Follow these steps:

  • In PowerPoint, choose Save asand choose one image format (eg .png).
  • When the system asks if you want all the slides or just the current one, choose All.
  • Upload all image files that were created to your blog – it’s your choice if you put them all in the same post, or one-by-post.
    They usually charge them first Picasa web albums or another photo hosting service, and then link from my blog to here)

At first I thought this was a backwards approach. But I recently wrote an article based on a presentation I gave several years ago. After trying different ways to display the presentation and the article, I realized that I was trying to find a way to include all the comments that I made when I used the presentation face to face. To do this, I needed to show each slide individually, so I used this option because it gives me full control over what comment goes with each picture.

Option 2: Convert to a Google Docs Presentation

This is described in detail in Use the Google Docs publishing and embedding option – I think it is better than trying to use Google Web-elements, because it achieves much the same thing, and takes a piece (web-elements) out of the equation.

Option 3 Copy and Paste

As with MS WordCopying and pasting from PowerPoint to Blogger is not recommended, because PowerPoint content can have all kinds of extra HTML codes attached to it, and these can cause negative effects on your blog.

But you may want to copy and paste, either because you don’t want the content as images, or because you want other things like presenter notes, etc.

To do this, you need:

  • Copy from PowerPoint,
  • Pasta in a text editor (for example, Notepad in Microsoft Windows)
  • Copy return from the text editor
  • Pasta in your blog.

An alternative can be to export the presentation as a outline (ie rich text or RTF format), and then convert via Google Docs in the same way as for a Word document. You need to test this to check if it brings in the articles that are stored outside the slides.

Option 4 Use a presentation host

Another approach would be to set up an account on SlideShare or a similar service that allows you to upload slides and gives you code that you can. add to your blog in the usual waythat incorporates the presentation into your blog.

I haven’t tried this myself, but in theory at least it should work.

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